Lena Dunham's 'Tight Shots' Web Series Relaunched Ahead of HBO's 'Girls' (Video)

The filmmaker/actress created a meta-show for Nerve.com in 2007.
Jojo Whilden/HBO

Ahead of the April premiere of Girls, the new, Judd Apatow-produced HBO show about young, aspiring and self-aware girls looking to find their place in New York, there's plenty of the series' creator/star Lena Dunham's work with which to catch up. Just 25-years-old, Dunham has been writing/directing/producing and starring in her own projects since 2006, many of which have focused on the same themes that her new show will tackle.

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Dunham broke out in a big way with the Sundance hit Tiny Furniture in 2009, which was her first full-length film. It was preceded by a number of shorts, including a webseries called Tight Shots for the blog and dating site Nerve.com. The series was a meta-look at both their filmmaking aspirations and their carnal curiosities, the premise being that Dunham, as a version of herself, was putting together a student film about budding sexuality in the south. 


Starring many of the same actors and collaborates that featured in Tiny Furniture and will star in the HBO show, the series earned acclaim and has been passed around the web ever since. Now, with Girls on the not-so-distant horizon, Nerve is bringing back the series, posting episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.