'House of Lies' Cast Parodies Oscar Nominee 'Les Miserables' (Exclusive Video)

Les Miserables is getting the House of Lies treatment.

House of Lies stars Don Cheadle (Marty) and Josh Lawson (Doug) took it up a notch on the set of their Showtime comedy, singing lines during a take from an upcoming episode Les Mis-style -- complete with a musical score -- that they're calling, Les Mais.

The idea came about after executive producer Stephen Hopkins saw the Oscar-nominated film and thought it would be funny have the actors singing their lines instead of saying them. (The actual scene won't be sung when it does air.) The network liked the footage so much that the minutelong outtake will air beginning Friday on Showtime, just in time for Academy Awards weekend.

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive first look at Cheadle and Lawson's musical stylings (who knew Lawson could belt?), including Cheadle (as Marty) singing "What the f--- are you talking about!" 

Let's hope a musical episode is in the works for season three.

House of Lies airs at 10 p.m. Sundays on Showtime.

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