Leslie Jones Returns to Break Down 'Game of Thrones' in "Game of Jones" With Seth Meyers

Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers  - Publicity - H 2019
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Comedian and self-proclaimed Game of Thrones fanatic Leslie Jones returned to Late Night With Seth Meyers once again Thursday night to break down the latest episode of the long-running HBO series. 

Watching the Sunday premiere of the final season, Jones walked the late-night host through the plot and entanglements of the characters. After Meyers was quick to point out that the opening credits were different, Jones expressed how proud she was of the late-night host for being so attentive. "You've noticed! You've kept up with it," she told him.

After Meyers insisted that they would watch even if the opening credits were never changed, Jones seemed to think otherwise. "They did have to change it because they knew that I was going to get that ass. Whatever ass not doing whatever they're supposed to be doing," she quipped. She also admitted that she never thought she would act "so nerdy" over a show before.

When Maisie Williams' Arya Stark appeared onscreen for the first time, Jones immediately erupted into cheers: "Love her and she looks stronger than ever!" Jones then proceeded to give her best Stark face. 

Despite Jones' attempts to explain how Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harrington's Jon Snow are related, Meyers remained confused and a note on the screen advised that her explanation was incorrect as she rambled. 

After Jones spent time screaming and cheering when Targaryen looked at her dragon, Meyers revealed to Jones that he would be fearful if Jones ever owned her own dragon. "There's no one I'd rather have a dragon than you, but I also would not trust you with one," he said, to which Jones agreed. "You better never trust me with a dragon. They shoot fire and fly? That means I'm doing drive-bys every weekend!"

While watching the episode, Meyers asked Jones for her thoughts on the buzz that the premiere episode was "boring." "Blasphemy," she screamed. "Anybody said that, you start unfollowing me right now because you obviously don't watch GOT and you don't know this is a transition episode."

Jones then asked Meyers if he had "levitated" yet. When he said he hadn't, Jones took him out of the room for 10 minutes. Returning with a confused look on his face, Meyers quipped that levitating was "something you have to go to Massachusetts or Colorado to do legally." 

Before the episode ended, Meyers asked Jones what she would do once the show concludes, to which she gave the late-night host a surprising answer. 

"I'm going to make my own Game of Thrones," she said, also explaining that she would play "all" of the characters.

Watch Jones and Meyers break down the episode below.