How Leslie Jones Got the 'Game of Thrones' Writers to Direct Her Netflix Special

Leslie Jones - The Tonight Show - H - 2020
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Following the release of her Netflix stand-up special Time Machine, Leslie Jones took a seat on The Tonight Show to chat with host Jimmy Fallon about her comedy roots before Saturday Night Live and what audiences can expect from her new material.

First up, the late night host commented on the way Jones often provides comedic commentary on Twitter to the television programs she watches [such as Bravo's reality show Below Deck]. The comedian explained that "you don't want to watch TV" with her, as she's always multi-tasking and fitting in three hours of activities into one hour of television. 

In reference to the stand-up special, Jones explained her reasoning for wanting to do it. "People didn't know me as a stand-up, [but] all my life I've been doing it." She talked about how the general audiences know her mostly from SNL, although she had been performing comedy on stand-up stages for many years prior. "That's where my love is," Jones said of stand-up comedy. "I love people to laugh."

Fallon later asked his guest how she recruited the Game of Thrones writers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, to direct the show, to which Jones responded, "I had a list of directors I wanted." She said that she asked Lorne Michaels about the possibility of Steven Spielberg, but Michaels said no. Then she asked about J.J. Abrams, but he was busy doing Star Wars. "Then I was like, who else could catch action, but somebody who shoots a dragon?" laughed Jones. "What am I? A dragon!"

Speaking about how the concept of the show explores time, Jones said that she is 52 years old, yet she remembers what it was like to be 20, 30 and 40 and how difficult it often was. She reassured the audience that "life is very long," adding that she wants people to "embrace the wonderfulness of your individuality."

The Netflix special, Time Machine, is currently available on the streaming platform.