Letterman Doubles Down on Romney Invite, Leno Diss (Video)

The "Late Show" host continues his quest to get the GOP nominee for president as a guest once again, even as he takes a few shots at his VP selection.
Paul Drinkwater/NBC; John Paul/CBS

David Letterman does not give up easily.

For the second straight night, the host of CBS' Late Show addressed comments made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who he said in a recently leaked "secret tape" that he felt Letterman hated him because he had appeared on rival Jay Leno's Tonight Show more often than Letterman's.

On Wednesday, Letterman extended an invitation to Romney and his wife (whom he called Mrs. Mitt) to be guests on his show. On Thursday, it was announced that Ann Romney would be going on the Tonight Show next week, which led to Letterman's even more passionate invitation.

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"We are here looking to make friends. Now, Mitt Romney has been on the show many, many times," he said. "Let me ask you something, Mitt. If we hated you, why do we keep begging you to be on the show?"

Letterman continued, repeating his line about Mrs. Mitt and adding a dig at Paul Ryan, Romney's vice presidential choice.

"Let me go out on a limb here and say Mitt Romney or his little buddy, the vice president… His little buddy Gilligan. They have an open invitation any time on short notice," Letterman pleaded. "You want to be here tomorrow, fine. Come tomorrow. You want to be here Monday, any time, I don’t care. Bring in Paul Ryan, bring in Mitt Romney, bring in Mitt and Mrs. Mitt and all the kids, bring in everybody. We don’t hate you, Mitt. We don’t hate people."

And then, he repeated his swat at Leno from Wednesday night.

"And by the way, if this is based on being on the Leno show more than being on our show, does it make any sense that we would hate a man who has gone through that suffering?" he joked. "Would it make any sense? No! So thumbing up then, Mitt up, get a hold of yourself, we don’t hate you. Stop telling people we hate you.”