'Preachers' Daughters' Sneak Peek: Victoria Spies on Kolby's Date (Exclusive Video)

It's every teenage girl's nightmare.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip from the first-season finale of Lifetime's reality series Preachers' Daughters, in which born-again Christian preacher Victoria Koloff confesses that she was spying on her 16-year-old daughter Kolby's date.

So what did she see? "My baby girl sucking face with some boy," Victoria says, to Kolby's horror.

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Kolby -- whose father is former WWE wrestler-turned evangelist Nikita Koloff (aka "The Russian Nightmare") -- later confesses to the camera that she thinks her mom is "psycho" for spying on her.

The show also centers on Taylor Coleman, 18, daughter of Pentecostal Church pastor Ken Coleman; and Olivia Perry, 18, a teen mom and daughter of pastor Mark Perry.

The finale of Preachers' Daughters airs at 10 p.m. Tuesday on Lifetime.