Netflix's 'Lilyhammer' Star Steven Van Zandt Gives a F--k on Valentine's Day (Video)

The E Street guitarist and star of the streaming video site's first original series curses the day of love.

For those of you who find Valentine’s Day especially bothersome or can’t stand the site of others celebrating a day tailor-made for consumerism, Bruce Springsteen’s E Street guitarist and the star of Netflix’s first original series, Lilyhammer, provides some consolation.

Review: 'Lilyhammer' Is Light But Worth A Look

On the web series, Steven Van Zandt revisits the mobster days from his time on HBO’s The Sopranos as a mobster-turned-rat who enters the witness protection program. And apparently for Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, when you really piss off the mob the only place you’re truly safe is Lilyhammer, Norway.

Similar to the series’ setting, Van Zandt sends a cold mash up of F-words to his fans on Valentine’s Day and hopes you’ll find that you fall in love with Frank’s filthy mouth.

Watch the video below (and in case it’s not clear to you yet, this includes NSFW language).

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