Lindsay Lohan on Biggest Misconception: 'I Don't Even Know Where to Start'

The actress guest-hosted Friday's "The View," talking about her OWN reality series, her sobriety and focusing on acting.
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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was not only the first topic in The View's "Hot Topics" segment Friday, she was there to take part in the segment.

The actress guest-hosted Friday's show, talking about her OWN reality series, her sobriety and focusing on acting.

Lohan said her sobriety is going "great" and that she thinks it's important to be open about her recovery.

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"I think it's important to be open and share that with people. Especially with me, because people have so many misconceptions about knowing a person directly."

When asked what the biggest misconception about her is, she laughed, "I don't even know where to start."

But in all seriousness, she said that she is an actress and would like to be perceived as such.

"I became an actress because that's what I love to do, and I think a lot of people forgot that that's what I'm actually in this industry for," she explained. "So I think throughout the show, it's a bit of a journey of me getting back into work mode and fighting to get the roles that I want to get, which I'm willing to do."

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Lohan added that she's determined to go after parts she really wants, saying that she is getting more offers than she used to.

"I'm very proactive," she said. "I'll email people myself, or I'll go to the studio myself, and I like doing that."

With that, co-host Sherri Shepherd joked, "They let you on the studio?" To which, Lohan responded, "Watch it."

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg also asked Lohan about her recent trip to the first weekend of Coachella, which the actress said was better than past experiences when she was "in a different headspace."

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And Lohan admitted that there's no man in her life right now, saying "that's been a distraction for me in the past."

But she told Barbara Walters that, with respect to her relationships with her parents, "Everyone's in a good place right now."

Lohan later chimed in on a discussion about selfies, venting about the paparazzi.

The View also showed a clip of Lohan working with kids in Brooklyn during her OWN series.

She additionally participated in interviews with Marisa Tomei and Goldberg's castmates from Lifetime's A Day Late and a Dollar Short, and competed against Shepherd in a cooking challenge.