Lindsay Lohan Plays Hairstylist on 'Fallon' (Video)

The "Mean Girls" star showed off some new skills for Jimmy Fallon.

If acting doesn’t work out for Lindsay Lohan, she may have another career choice: hairstylist.

For her latest media appearance, instead of making headlines with a scandal, she chose a slightly more low-key role last night as Jimmy Fallon’s styling assistant.

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Fallon stepped onto the stage for “Let Us Play With Your Look” in an all-white costume (complete with tights) and a short blonde wig. As he belted out the sketch’s theme song in as many inflections as possible, LiLo sashayed through the audience in a similar wig, all-white outfit and overly large cat glasses.

While the late night host continued his serenade, Lohan proceeded to play with a surprisingly compliant audience member’s hair. She heaped on the unsuspecting member a very questionable substance (butter, maybe?) and smeared in all over his hair and face. After massaging the mousse substitute into his scalp, Lohan settled on a mohawk.

After all the hard work singing, Fallon passed out onto a carpet, which was than dragged off stage, leaving a very confused Lohan all alone. With an awakward smile and some Vanna White-esque hand motions, Lohan slunk, or attempted to – she was hindered by a very stubborn curtain -- off stage.

Check out the comical cameo below.

The twenty-six year old Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick premiering November 25.