Lindsay Lohan Seeks 'New Chapter' and Finds Couches on 'Million Dollar Decorators'

Million Dollar Decorators Seaon 2 Lohan Screengrab - H 2013

Million Dollar Decorators Seaon 2 Lohan Screengrab - H 2013

One of Bravo's lesser-watched series greeted a rather notable guest star on Tuesday night, with Lindsay Lohan appearing as a client in the first of two episodes of Million Dollar Decorators.

Lohan's Beverly Hills rental, which she's occupied since departing the Venice Beach home she deemed "unsafe," starts the hour as a something of a blank canvas for Lohan's designer and friend Kathryn Ireland. There are piles of clothes on the floor, scant furniture and a four-poster bed bedazzled in shards of mirror -- none of which jive with the decorator.

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This being Bravo and not HGTV, discussions of upholstery, paint swatches and curtains are broken up with guerrilla-style therapy sessions. Both Lohan and Ireland, selectively coy about the details of the actress' often-troubled past, call the home a "new chapter" for her.

"In order to become yourself, you need to go through different ups and downs, or else you’ll never know who you are," says Lohan, looking over design plans. "To be making these kind of decisions is really exciting for me."

After the first broadcast of the episode, which ends with a frazzled Lohan cutting a shopping trip short as paparazzi pool outside a Melrose storefront, Ireland blogged about her experience with the actress on Bravo's website.

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Ireland, as she mentions throughout the episode, has been friends with Lohan since they met at a New Year's Eve party last year.

"For all one hears about Lindsay, and of course I am now tuned in, she has only been a pleasure to deal with," writes Ireland. "Quick and decisive (so far a dream client) and has that star quality of making everyone around her feel included."

Lohan's participation in the series has not been without the obligatory dose of drama. Reports emerged soon after the announcement of her appearance, saying that she refused to participate in the reveal -- something no one will see until the second part of Million Dollar Decorators' sophomore finale airs next week.

A teaser for the episode only shows Ireland receiving news of Lohan's June car accident and nothing of the actress checking out her revamped digs.