Lindsay Lohan on 'Saturday Night Live': The Most Watched Moments (Video)

TiVo did the number crunching to reveal what really captured its users' attention from the actress' 'SNL' return.

For a change, Lindsay Lohan is getting press for something other than her personal problems. The actress returned to host NBC’s Saturday Night Live this past weekend for the first time since 2006 and nabbed the show’s highest ratings of the season and some mixed reviews from critics. But, what were the moments that really captured the viewers’ attention?

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Digital video recording service TiVo crunched the numbers for its users’ most watched and re-watched moments from Lohan’s hosting stint. And THR has the top two results.

The first occurred during the monologue. The actress was totally fine with using her troubles and run-ins with the law for comic fodder. And the moment that TiVo viewers most watched was when Jimmy Fallon indicated that Mad Men star Jon Hamm -- who was sitting in the audience -- would step in as host if Lohan was unable to complete her duties.

Watch the moment below (about 1:59 in).

And the second most-watched moment occurred during “Scared Straight,” in which Lohan, Kenan Thompson, and Jason Sudeikis try to teach some hard lessons to a few young men who were caught stealing a bicycle. What was the moment TiVo viewers most watched and re-watched? When the actors nearly lost it toward the end of the skit.

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Watch it below (about 5:50 in)

What moments were your favorites from Lohan’s return? Tell us in the comments section below.

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