Lisa Kudrow Recalls Not Recognizing Jane Fonda

Although she stars on Grace and Frankie alongside Jane Fonda and met Fonda prior to joining the Netflix series, Lisa Kudrow admitted to Jimmy Kimmel, during her Wednesday night appearance on his show, that she failed to recognize Fonda while at a restaurant.  

While dining with her family, Kudrow explained to Kimmel that she noticed a "beautiful" woman sitting next to them. "I thought, 'See if you start taking care of yourself, you might have a shot of looking OK later on,'" Kudrow recalled.

When the woman left, Kudrow's father immediately informed her that the woman was Fonda, only for Kudrow to hilariously admit that she's met her before but didn't recognize her. After her sister asked why she didn't say hello to Fonda, Kudrow jokingly responded, "That's not how it works. You don't have to say hello. She doesn't care about me. What does she care? Who am I to her?"

Then, Kudrow said, the experience created an awkward moment on the Grace and Frankie set, when the veteran actress was quick to mention the restaurant run-in. "You didn't say hello," Kudrow remembered Fonda telling her.

"I'm not good with facial recognition," Kudrow explained, only for Kimmel to quip, "It's Jane Fonda."

Earlier in the show, Kimmel and Kudrow congratulated each other on their animated film The Boss Baby earning an Oscar nomination.

"There's talk around town that it wouldn't have gotten that nomination if it wasn't for us," Kimmel joked to Kudrow, only for the actress to agree: "That's all I've heard."

Though only working together for one day, Kimmel and Kudrow discussed how awkward they felt continuously repeating the same dialogue. "If you have an animated movie and you want me to be in it, I don't want to be in it. I hate doing it," Kimmel said to the camera. 

But he said he would be totally game for the Boss Baby sequel.