Lizzy Caplan Recalls Jon Hamm Getting Fired From Their 2005 Pilot

The two actors shared the couch on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' where Kaplan remembered a casting move from 10 years ago: "He was a guy on a girl WB show and he still got fired!"
Jon Hamm and Lizzy Caplan

Who is better: Lizzy Caplan or Jon Hamm?

The Masters of Sex actress took on the Mad Men actor on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night, as she was the show's second guest — which "implies that he's better than me or more famous, but he's not better than me."

After Hamm joined her on the couches, Caplan recalled to Jimmy Kimmel that in 2005 the two starred in The WB's pilot Related, which was then picked up to series. "Every actor's dream!" echoed Hamm.

However, "I didn't really get to spend more time with Jon, though, because one of us got fired after the pilot," said Caplan.

"Spoiler alert, it wasn't Lizzy," smiled Hamm. "They went a different way — I was recast [as] a woman!"

Caplan then pointed out, "He was a guy on a girl WB show and he still got fired!"

Watch their chat in the video below.

Also, Hamm tossed a few handfuls of Gummi Bears into Kimmel's mouth.