'Lorena' Trailer Exhumes '90s Tabloid Sensation: "There's No Going Back"

Just a few months after a deep-dive story on former 1990s tabloid sensation Lorena Bobbitt published in Vanity Fair, the Amazon trailer for the upcoming docuseries Lorena promises to present "the scandal you know" and "the story you don't."

The docuseries' raison d'être is the 1993 story of Bobbitt, a young wife who cut off her husband John's penis while he was asleep in their home in Virginia after an alleged rape and fled with it in her car. The trial that followed the incident was widely covered in the tabloid media, leading to multiple press appearances for John, who even formed a band called The Severed Parts in the aftermath of the incident.

In the trailer, released Tuesday, Lorena and her ex-husband appear both in archival footage and in the present day in sit-down interviews. "She wanted me to hurt — that's why she did that," John tells the filmmakers.

The trailer promises analysis of the way Lorena was treated in the press during her trial (a news story with the phrase "hot-blooded Latina" is excerpted), the alleged domestic abuse within the marriage and the '90s context in which the story entered the public sphere, coming right after the 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings. (Kim Masters, The Hollywood Reporter's editor at large, was also interviewed for this doc.)

The modern-day Lorena tells the filmmakers at the end of the trailer, "I didn't used to be in the spotlight, but there's no going back."

Lorena, directed by Joshua Rofé and executive produced by Jordan Peele, is set to debut Feb. 15 on Amazon.