Louis C. K. Taking Another Hiatus From FX's 'Louie'

The comedian's Emmy favorite previously went off the air for nearly two years between its third and fourth seasons.

Louis C.K. is taking another breather at FX. Much like he did in the 2012, the Emmy-winning comedian is putting his Louie on hiatus before it eventually returns for a sixth season.

FX Networks and FX Productions CEO John Landgraf announced the news Friday morning at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "After writing, directing, starring in and mostly editing 61 episodes of television," Landgraf explained, "he's anxious to take a break from the show and work on other things."

It should come as little surprise given the fact that Louie wrapped its fifth season on May 28 with no official word on a renewal. C.K. remains exceptionally busy, also producing FX vehicles for  Zach Galifianakis (Baskets) and Pamela Adlon (Better Things) and writing and starring in a feature film project.

Landgraf admitted he was not sure how long the hiatus will last — or what C.K.'s plans are for a potential end game for his series. "Gosh, I hope 20 years is the outside date but I think Curb Your Enthusiasm is the right analogy," he said, referring to the open-ended future of Larry David's HBO comedy. Curb has produced eight seasons since 2000, mostly at David's discretion. And while there are no immediate plans for a ninth, HBO has left the door wide open.

"It's really going to be his choice," Landgraf said of the hiatus' possible duration. "It could be six months or two years."

Louie has earned 22 Emmy nominations for FX since it premiered, and is nominated for another six this season. In addition to the two FX series C.K. will launch in 2016, Landgraf also mentioned a third that's currently being developed.