Louis C.K. Spars with Jay Leno, Announces New Tour on The 'Tonight' Show (Video)

Louis C.K. on Jay Leno - H 2012

Louis C.K. on Jay Leno - H 2012

Louis C.K., by his nature as a comedian, is a man of many words. None of which are "wonderful."

During an appearance Monday on The Tonight Show -- his second stop on NBC that day as he continues to ramp up promotion for the third season of his hit FX surreal sitcom Louie -- the comedy star fretted over his status as a straight male. Having once dedicated a part of his live show to the benefits of being a white male ("I'm not saying that white people are better, I'm saying that being white is clearly better," he said in his Chewed Up special), he fretted Monday over what he says is his inability to snuggle in a male friend's armpit, tell friends he misses them and call things wonderful, among other things.

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Still, he had reason for optimism: at least he doesn't look like Jay Leno.

"You're the weirdest looking person on the planet Earth," he told the host, who then replied with a few bald jokes. "Jay, if you weren't famous and you robbed a bank and the dude was describing you to the police sketch artist, he'd be like 'no seriously, what does he look like?' Nobody looks like you. I can't believe I'm looking at you."

Aside from his TV show, C.K. is embarking on another standup tour, to which he is selling tickets on his website; at $45 a pop, the tickets are half the price of his usual shows, thanks to his avoiding the Ticketmaster markup. It's the same approach he took to the release of his most recent comedy special, which he sold for $5 directly through his website.