Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' Lincoln Sketch Premieres a Raw Director's Cut (Video)

Louis C.K. Lincoln SNL - H 2012

Louis C.K. Lincoln SNL - H 2012

Well, we now know the exact threshold NBC is not yet willing to cross.

Louis C.K., famous for writing, directing and starring in his own FX show, of which he has complete creative control, offered to SNL audiences on Saturday a mashup spoof of the Emmy-winning comedy, Louie, and the upcoming biopic of the 16th president, Lincoln.  It was the the most popular bit of his evening hosting the veritable comedy institution, but as we now know, the final product didn't stretch broadcast standards quite as far as it could have.

And lo: six days later, a director's cut version of the spoof, extending it to six minutes and including a bit of R-rated interaction between C.K.'s downbeat Lincoln and his "historically crazy wife" Mary Todd.