'Love In The Wild' Host Darren McMullen: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Darren McMullen Love in the Wild 2011
Bryony Shearmur

Darren McMullen Love in the Wild 2011

NBC premieres its new adventure dating show, Love in the Wild, Wednesday at 10 p.m., which drops 10 single women and 10 single men looking for love in the remote jungles of Costa Rica. Their search for love will encounter some peaks and valleys – literally – as the players pair up for challenges ranging from paddling down rivers to scaling down a 200 foot high waterfall. And along the way, we’ll get to know NBC’s newest host Darren McMullen.

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McMullen currently hosts Australia’s version of Minute to Win It and he has hosted and developed shows for MTV Australia, including The Lair, his live music show. McMullen agreed to introduce himself to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed’s readers with a guest blog.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Love in the Wild’s host.

1. I'm Scottish. It is often reported that I am Australian due to the fact that is the place I started my career in television. I was born and raised in Scotland and then moved to Australia when I was a teenager. On a side note, it is also not common knowledge that us Scots are the BEST lovers in the world. Trust me, I'm a TV host.

2. I never take life too seriously. This is much to the annoyance of my friends sometimes. My feeling is life is one big roller coaster, you just have to strap yourself in and enjoy the ups and downs, because at the end of the day when you finally come to a stop, you got to make sure you've had one hell of a fun ride.

3. I cheat at board games. I hate to lose, especially at board games. I wouldn't suggest you ever let me play the banker in Monopoly because money WILL go missing.

4. I had an “outtie” belly button when I was young. My sister used to tease me relentlessly about it when I was a wee lad. I hated it, so I taped a penny to my button and wore it around for about a year and low and behold, I now have an “innie.” Needless to say having an “innie” isn't all it's cracked up to be. I wish I had my outtie back. Grass, greener and all that jazz.

5. I dream of Broadway. My ideal job would be playing the part of Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, the musical. Hurry up Baz, I was born for that role.

By Darren McMullen.


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