Comic-Con: 'Lucifer' Boss Talks Tricia Helfer's Explosive Season 2 Introduction

The stars of the Fox drama and executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich preview the upcoming second season.
Courtesy of FOX

Sparks will fly when Lucifer brings the title character's mom into the fold in season two.

"It's given us a little piece of dynamite that we've given to the cast and exploded everything," showrunner Joe Henderson told the crowd at the Fox drama's Comic-Con panel Saturday.

Lucifer's first season ended with the title character being fatally shot, and then resurrected by God. However, in exchange for his life, Lucifer promised God he would recapture a soul that had escaped from Hell  the soul of his mother.

"We had all these conversations about Lucifer family. … The big revelation we had midway through season one was: what about mom?" Henderson said. "That became a big piece of it that we hadn’t originally planned for."

Playing Lucifer's "nemesis/nurturer" mother as Henderson described the role is new series regular Tricia Helfer.

"The introduction of mom brings a whole new dynamic to the show," star Tom Ellis said, saying the characters "behave differently" when she resurfaces. "You see the formidable characters be really not so formidable."

The introduction of mom also further complicates the brotherly relationship Lucifer and Amenadiel. "I think we both have a different relationship with her. I think she's going to come in the middle of that and play with that a little bit," D.B. Woodside said

Added Helfer: "Mom kind of does try to smooth things over and get in the middle of it a little bit."

One person mom will definitely clash with is Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). "There is no love lost between Maze and mom," Helfer teased.

Maze is also coming off a tumultuous breakup from Amenadiel. "I think a byproduct of being forced to stay on Earth is you'll find Maze has free will in a way and is more of an independent woman that is separate to the vow she made to Lucifer," Brandt said. "I think there's still obviously some kind of feeling residual, [she's] trying to figure out but I think she's going to do it in her own way. And he's going cry like a baby."

Woodside defended his character's actions and said the show will explore his more "fragile and sensitive" side in season two. "I felt like Amenadiel got a bad rap last year. … He was trying to do the right thing," he said. "We're also going to get a chance to see him be a lot more human."

In addition to Helfer, Dexter alum Aimee Garcia has also joined the cast as a series regular for season two. She plays the police department's new forensic scientist with "no sense of space. So automatically she just invades the Devil's space," Garcia said. "It's so clear where her compass is, where her north star is, she is a woman of faith, she doesn’t have God issues, Lucifer has major god issues. ... It's a fun dichotomy."

Brandt praised Garcia's addition to the show. She "just injects the show with energy and life."

Henderson opened up about casting the two new roles. "What you need is people who can be funny and also formidable," Henderson said. They're both people who can do the whole gamut."

For all the season two changes, some things are still very much the same. "Lucifer's still very much in therapy. He's got a lot of issues," Ellis said. "We have a lot of fun with that whole therapy side of it but we also scratched some real truths as well."

One big question going into season two is Lucifer's connection to Chloe and why she has such an affect on him.

"In season two, Lucifer is actively spending time with Chloe Decker even though he knows she makes him vulnerable. What does that say about him? What does that say about his subconscious?" Henderson said. "Why Chloe affects him… will be the question we will be answering in season two."

As Lucifer continues to walk the Earth, that decision will be explored as well. "We know that humanity is changing us. is it unhealthy for us to be here? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?" Henderson said. "What happens when it starts to feel like you're making a home in Los Angeles and what does that mean for the people around you."

Lucifer's second season kicks off Monday, Sept. 19 at 9 p.m. on Fox.