Luis Fonsi and Jimmy Fallon Perform "Despacito" With Fake Lyrics

Courtesy of Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Luis Fonsi and Jimmy Fallon gave lyrical twists to the 2017 hit "Despacito" on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The singer said that he had the melody and a few words in mind when he first started to write the song, though it "snowballed" into the song that it is today. "I woke up with the idea. I kind of recorded it in my studio. Just kind of the basic melodic structure, the harmonic structure, if I want to get technical," he explained.

After the song was written and produced, Fonsi asked Daddy Yankee to add some "fire" to the track. "And then the song explodes," Fonsi recalled.

While Fallon referred to the song as "one of the best songs in the entire century," he said that the two would sing new versions with completely different lyrics "to see if it still sounds cool."

"Flaming hot Cheetos/ They are in my tummy, but I still eat though/ Would be so yummy in a beef burrito/ Gotta hope they are considered keto/ Flaming hot Cheetos," Fallon sang in the first round.

Fonsi sang the second version of the song, which was about Jared Leto: "All your acting choices are so neat-oh/ You look so handsome in a white tuxedo/ I really hope you get an Oscar win repeat-oh."

The final version of the song was performed as a duet. The two stood up and made their way to center stage before the music began.

"Tiny speedo/ Old man tanning in a tiny speedo/ I think he needs to be way more discreet-oh/ I don't need to see his little pepito," they sang in unison. "Tiny speedo."

Watch the full segment below.