'The Lying Game': Theresa's Disappearance Pits Brother Against Brother (Exclusive Video)

Where is Theresa?

As the second season of ABC Family's The Lying Game begins to wind down, the whereabouts of Dan's (Tyler Christopher) missing fiancee is starting to cause major rifts between him and his younger brother Ethan (Blair Redford).

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In a scene from Tuesday's episode, "The Grave Truth," Ethan starts questioning Dan about Ted's (Andy Buckley) visit to the police station. Word has it Ted and Theresa (Yara Martinez) had an encounter before she disappeared. Dan starts to reveal the context of Ted's visit before he realizes that Ethan may have other avenues of communication, namely Sutton (Alexandra Chando).

When Dan realizes that Ethan chose Sutton over his own flesh and blood, the elder Whitehorse doesn't take it very well. "You are my brother!" Dan yells. "You lied right to my face."

Will the brothers make amends? More importantly, will they find Theresa before it's too late?

The Lying Game airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays on ABC Family.

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