'The Lying Game' Boss Reveals Big Death in Season 2

The new episodes, which kick off Jan. 8 on ABC Family, will go to "places we never thought we would be able to go or ever have the opportunity," executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr. told THR.
ABC Family

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for upcoming second season.]

No one is safe on The Lying Game.

The first season might have wrapped up with Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) confirmed as Sutton and Emma's (Alexandra Chando) biological mother -- plus, her scheming with the former -- but when the ABC Family teen soap returns in January, not everyone will survive the 10-episode run, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Yup, that's right: Someone is going to bite the dust.

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"Expect a lot of twists, turns and melodrama -- and maybe even somebody else dies," executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr. told THR. "The stakes continue to be life and death."

The death of a core Lying Game character won't take place until near the end of the season, giving viewers plenty of time to invest in the shenanigans and new characters that will be dropping by in the new year. With a new guy, Jordan (Ryan Rottman), coming into town, will he be the unlucky one? Will the series take a page out of Sara Shepard's Lying Game novel and off one of the twins?

Unlike its Pretty Little Liars lead-in, the death count on Lying Game has been relatively tame considering the heightened, dangerous world the characters live in, with only a few (see: Derek) among the deceased.

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Here's a little tease from Pratt -- who likened the long wait between seasons to "a good wine" -- to tide you over for about the next 10 episodes: "We have felt that in the second season we’re about to go to all the places that we really wanted to go -- in some cases, places we never thought we would be able to go or ever have the opportunity. It’s been a special 10 episodes."

Who do you think will take their final bow this season?

The Lying Game premieres season two at 9 p.m. Jan. 8 on ABC Family.

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