'Mad Max: Fury Road': Seth Meyers Suggests Environment-Friendly Solutions in New Spoof

Seth Meyers Mad Max Spoof H 2016
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Seth Meyers Mad Max Spoof H 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road took home six Oscars on Sunday — rightfully so, since it excelled in the technical categories. But was it the most reasonable film?

Seth Meyers poked fun at the George Miller epic starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron by debuting a spoof on Monday's episode of Late Night.

"Can we maybe just pump the breaks? Not to put a damper on our big trip to Gastown, but do we all have to go?" asks the host, costumed as one of the eager followers in the film. "It feels a little silly and, if I'm being honest, very irresponsible that whenever we go to get gasoline, we drive a fleet of muscle cars that literally shoot out fire."

As the reasonable character in the spoof, Meyers also asks, "Does the guitar have to shoot fire?... Do we have to paint our bodies white every single morning?... And in general, I think we can chant like 50 percent less."

Watch the video below, in which Meyers warns of climate change and tries to power the cars with wind power.