'Mad Men': Elisabeth Moss Is Enjoying Peggy's Season as a 'Sad Clown'

Mad Men Peggy Olson Episode 702 - H 2014

Mad Men Peggy Olson Episode 702 - H 2014

Peggy Olson has seen better days. Mad Men's central female player, who wrapped last year auspiciously seated at Don Draper's vacant desk, kicked off the final season stuck in her same office -- with a new misogynist boss to boot.

Her romantic life in perpetual shambles, Peggy's already had two behind-closed-doors cries in just three episodes. It's enough to bring anyone down, but not Elisabeth Moss. The actress says she continues to relish her alter ego's struggles.

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"I loved the first episodes, but I feel like the second episode, the Valentine's Day one ["A Day's Work"], was one of my favorite scripts," Moss recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "I love doing the sad clown material. That's so much fun for me."

Peggy seems poised to take another hit with the season's fourth episode, when Don's return puts another rung between her and the top of the corporate ladder. And Moss admits that she was equally curious by the shot of her character channeling Don's power position from the show's opening titles last season.

"Very tricky that show, isn't it?" she says. "I think it's the dream. It's definitely where Peggy wants to go, but it's not that easy at that time. It's not that easy for her to get there. I think it's far more interesting to show her struggle toward her dream than for her to have it right away."

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Moss and her colleagues will be the first to know the series' ultimate resolution when the show wraps filming for good in June, but for now she says she's still in the dark. Just getting into filming on 7B, which premieres in 2015, she calls the first episodes "as jam-packed as they should be."

"We have five episodes left, and I'm not telling a lie when I say I still don't know if she gets a happy ending or not," adds Moss. "It's still definitely more fun to play things not going well, but I appreciate that people want her to have happiness."