'Mad Men' Missed Connections: Cast Reveals Most-Wanted Scene Partners

Despite spending nearly a decade on a series that's essentially a workplace drama, many cast members of Mad Men often didn't have much crossover.

The world of Betty (January Jones) and Sally (Kiernan Shipka) largely existed off to the side of the action at Sterling Cooper and Partners, linked only (and increasingly less often towards the end) by Don (Jon Hamm). Even in the halls of the advertising agency, many actors just didn't share many scenes together. So when The Hollywood Reporter recently had an audience with many of them, they sounded off on who they would have liked to work with more often.

The most popular response? Unsurprisingly, it's John Slattery. "I think I had two, maybe three, exchanges with him over the course of three years," says Jay Ferguson, whose Stan Rizzo rarely interacted with anybody but Peggy (Elisabeth Moss).

Another common thread is that the women of Mad Men wanted more time together. "The female camaraderie would have been fun," says Jones, who can probably count the times on one hand she crossed paths on camera with Christina Hendricks or Moss. "I don't know how we would have worked that in there."

For a full rundown of Mad Men missed connections, watch the video, and tune back in to THR over the weekend as the May 17 series finale approaches.