'Mad Men' Midseason Finale: 15 Satisfying Moments From 7A

As many viewers bemoan the AMC drama's abbreviated 2014 run, ending with May 25's "Waterloo," it's time to take stock of how much has actually happened in these episodes.
"Mad Men"

Memorial Day 2014 may very well go down in history as one marred by upheaval -- because many people will be taking up proverbial pitchforks on Monday when they wake to a world void of Mad Men for nearly another year.

AMC's decision to split the final season of its beloved period drama, met with shrugs when first announced, is prompting Xanax prescriptions now that the reality of a mere six weeks with the series has set in. And like it or not, the last run of Mad Men won't air until 2015. PHOTOS: 15 Satisfying Moments From 'Mad Men's' (Nearly) Final Season

It's not all bad news, though. When Mad Men signs off with Sunday's ominously titled "Waterloo," it leaves behind an abbreviated season with some rather landmark moments for the series.

Don (Jon Hamm)'s self-control and commitment to reviving his stature at SC&P has been a 180-degree turn from the man who largely drank and philandered his way through the first six seasons. And the California move, however sparingly used, has been a comedic boon to Pete (Vincent Kartheiser). Momentum for Dawn (Teyonah Parris) and Joan (Christina Hendricks) has helped mitigate the bummer of Peggy (Elisabeth Moss)'s mounting unhappiness. (As did that odd gift she received from Ginsberg.) There have been a lot of entries in the Mad Men history books these past six episodes, so take a look through the best of them -- or in Betty's words, Eat your candy.