'Mad Men' Premiere: Brilliant or Boring?

Mad Men Don Draper S6 Premiere - H 2013

Mad Men Don Draper S6 Premiere - H 2013

For some fans of Mad Men fans, there was more action on Twitter than in the AMC drama's hotly anticipated season six premiere.

"My favorite thing about Mad Men though is how stolen identity has always been the most boring plot," complained @regularvowel, while another tweeter with the handle @alissas lamented: "So nothing happens on Mad Men any more? Or what?"

Meanwhile, Commentary magazine editor Jon Podhoretz spurred a flurry of retweets with this message baiting diehard Don Draper enthusiasts: "So now it's time for 800,000 of you to pretend feverishly that Mad Men isn't boring."

Indeed, if you do a Twit-search of "Mad Men" and "boring," you will find many, many others who agree. Among the chief complaints: slow pace and stagnant scenes; overly long commercials; a seemingly endless two hours of Don brooding and ruminating and staring out the window.

But wait, seriously? It wasn't all snooze-inducing. SPOILER ALERT: for one,  Betty (January Jones) dyed her hair brown. Then she went to Village and hung out with some hippies. Don puked at a funeral and closed the episode with the revelation that he had been cheating on Megan (Jessica Pare) with an otherwise prim doctor's wife (Linda Cardellini).

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"No, I didn't think last night's Mad Men was boring. That's what everybody says the first couple of episodes. Miss the zombies?" tweeted one fan. Others heralded the brilliance of the series' nuance and slow-burning restraint as Don continues to despair amid an ongoing existential crisis which threatens to undo the tormented superstar adman.

"Quiet desperation. Not much happened but it was like a hurricane unfolding," marveled @stevegalluccio.

Mad Men watchers: which camp do you fall in? Can't people sit still and appreciate this masterful and original workplace thriller? After 10 months absent from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, is Weiner's plodding story too tame for a television climate dominated by zombies and shootouts and nonstop surprises? If so, what can Matthew Weiner do to make things more interesting?

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