'Mad Men' Unzips Christina Hendricks' Season 5 Promo (Exclusive Video)

Mad Men Christina Hendricks H 2012
Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Up until now, the promos for the upcoming season of Mad Men have focused on the gentlemen -- when any fan knows that the women hold most of the cards.

AMC dropped the latest teaser spot for Mad Men's fifth season, seen first at The Hollywood Reporter, and it pays tribute to one of the series' perennial scene-stealers: Joan Harris (née Holloway).

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"Joan is back" follows the Don- and Roger-centric spots that debuted over the weekend, swapping Jon Hamm and John Slattery for Christina Hendricks, seen here in full bombshell mode.

The ad does its best to recap where viewers last left Joan, nearly a year and a half ago when Season 4 ended its run. Her husband is off in Vietnam. And after Joan and Roger were mugged, their briefly rekindled affair resulted in a pregnancy. She told her boss that she'd "take care" of it, but the finale revealed she had left the abortion clinic without seeing it through.

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Series creator Matt Weiner recently spoke to THR about the uncharacteristic loose ends in the episode. "I more than anyone know that a lot of pleasure in the show is the accumulation of details," he said, "but I do think that last season’s finale was kind of the most cliff-hanger-y we’ve done -- because it was such an abrupt shift."

Mad Men and SCDP's newly minted director of agency operations return to AMC on Mar. 25 with a two-hour episode.

Watch the promo below: 

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