Stark 'Mad Men' Advertising Inspires Graffiti and Photoshopping

Mad Men Falling Poster

No one would ever accuse Don Draper (Jon Hamm) of having it easy.

The Mad Men protagonist has been put through the ringer over the course of the AMC series' first four seasons. And if the campaign for the upcoming fifth run (premiering Mar. 25) is any indication, things don't get any easier.

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Posters and billboards popping up in anticipation of the series' return show a silhouette of Don, like the one in the opening titles, free-falling into oblivion. They're eye-catching, if a little spartan, leaving some New Yorkers inclined to get artistic.

Gothamist points out that subway posters of the campaign are getting the graffiti treatment and even more photoshopping, putting Don in all kinds of scenarios.

There's Don bouncing off a trampoline, Don getting kicked by Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs), Don falling dangerously close to a naked rear end and, as you can see below, Don shooting out of a whale's spout.

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