Magic Johnson, Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry Star in Kimmel's NBA Mean Tweets

"Magic Johnson looks like a bald, black John Travolta."
Screenshot/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube
Magic Johnson

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is back with another sports edition of his "Mean Tweets" segment, this time with NBA stars in honor of the Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers championship series. 

For the newest "Mean Tweets," basketball stars Magic Johnson, Blake Griffin, Reggie Miller and Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers read harsh, cutting, sometimes hilarious posts by Twitter users. 

Griffin was not impressed by the tweet about him, which read, "Does anyone know what Blake Griffin is? Did Morgan Freeman and Carrot Top impregnate an amazon or what happened..." 

"Magic Johnson looks like a bald, black John Travolta," said one fan. 

"Shaq is a fat ass old man," read Shaquille O'Neal, before he added, "that your mother loves very dearly." 

Also, "Russell Westbrook look like Jar Jar Binks" and "Reggie Miller's ears provide WiFi." 

Watch the full video below.