Channing Tatum Goes Teen Girl Drag With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

The "Magic Mike" star stared pride in the face and joined the "Late Night" host in the fake Teen Nick sketch.

Warning: if you plan on seeing Magic Mike this weekend, perhaps this video is best viewed after taking in the film. Otherwise, watching Channing Tatum strip may offer an entirely different experience than what you were expecting.

The buff star of the new Steven Soderbergh-directed Chippendales-esque flick joined Jimmy Fallon in a special edition of "Ew," a grunge-less, teen girl version of Wayne's World. Playing a One Direction-loving tween with a fantastic taste in cardigans, Tatum thrilled audiences with his incongruous muscle and outfit combination, as well as the perfect long wig settled askew on his head.

Also exciting, if uncomfortable given the get-up: his hip hop dance moves. But he has reason to dance: Magic Mike earned a solid $2.1 million at the box office during midnight showings.