'Making a Murderer' Case Gets Rush Special on Investigation Discovery

Making A Murderer: Steven Avery Mug Shot 1985 - H 2016
Courtesy of Netflix

Ladies and gentlemen, start your bandwagons. Making a Murderer just got its first follow-up special.

The buzzy Netflix documentary series, which tells the story of how Wisconsin man Steven Avery has spent the bulk of his life in prison, will see some of the fresher details of its central murder trial pop up on Investigation Discovery. The true-crime-loving cable network is prepping a special to air later this month.

Front Page: The Steven Avery Story began production earlier this week and, per a network release, aims to "better inform viewers in light of the nearly 300,000 people calling for the release of Avery." (Any ratings it can draw from the zeitgeist is just gravy.)

“We are excited to share with viewers the latest in this compelling saga,” said ID group president Henry Schleiff. “Following our investigation, we expect that Front Page: The Steven Avery Story will present crucial testimony and information that addresses many of the questions surrounding Steven Avery.”

Making a Murder is the result of a decade's worth of work for filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, who tell the story of Avery's first wrongful conviction and second trial over the course of 10 episodes. Its ratings, as is the case with all Netflix series, have not been disclosed, but it has captured the attention of the media in a way no other serialized doc has since HBO's The Jinx

Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison will host the special, which comes to the network from frequent partner Peacock Productions.