Malaysia Flier's Girlfriend: Possible Breakthrough 'Throws It All Up in the Air Again' (Video)

Sarah Bajc, whose boyfriend Philip Wood was one of three Americans on board the missing plane, told NBC's "Today" that she had settled into a routine of waiting before debris was spotted off the coast of Australia.
Sarah Bajc

In the wake of the overnight discovery of possible wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, NBC's Today spoke with the girlfriend of one of the three Americans on board, who said the news of a possible breakthrough in the nearly two-week-long search has left her on edge.

“A friend called me with the information, and I don’t think I’ve stopped shaking since,” Sarah Bajc said on Thursday's Today.

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Bajc, who spoke via video from Beijing, where she's been waiting for updates, was planning to marry her boyfriend, Texas native Philip Wood, and was getting ready to move with him from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur.

Bajc said she'd settled into a routine, but the latest news disrupts that.

“We just finally settled into a normal routine of waiting, unhappy waiting but at least, we were going back to normal sleeping cycles," she told Today. "I’ve continued to teach at work, and now this just throws it all up in the air again."

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Bajc added that she was frustrated with the search but not authorities overseeing it. And she expressed sympathy for other loved ones waiting on news about the flight.

"My heart just totally goes out to a lot of these families, because I have a strong support network around me, I have exposure to what these things all mean," Bajc told Today. "I get ample access to good information and I’m in high stress, so these poor people, especially the ones here in China, who basically hear nothing because the news is also filtered for them and they’re all crammed together in this hotel."

Watch video of Bajc's interview on Today below.

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