'Malcolm in the Middle' Star Frankie Muniz Asks for 'Midlife Crisis' Reboot

malcolm in the middle 2 - H 2015

Despite — or because of — the slew of remakes already sweeping film and TV slates, one actor wants to get in on the trend.

Frankie Muniz, who starred in Malcolm in the Middle, informally has pitched an idea for a reboot of the Fox series.

"How fun would Malcolm In The Mid-life Crisis be?" he tweeted on Monday. "I wonder what Malcolm and his family would be up to now!"

Muniz starred in the family comedy as the title character, the genius middle child with three brothers. His parents were played by Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranston. Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield, Erik Per Sullivan and Cloris Leachman also starred.

The Linwood Boomer-created series ran for seven seasons until 2006 and won seven Emmy Awards throughout its run, as well as a Grammy and a Peabody.

Muniz's idea for a time-jump reboot echoes the premise of Netflix's Fuller House, which checks in on the cast of Full House after the original series' child characters have grown up and started their own families.

However, Muniz clarified that no formal project exists and that he's simply gauging interest. "We'll see," he tweeted.

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