'The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum' Sparks Flurry of Twitter Jokes

The TLC documentary about Wesley Warren Jr.'s medical plight sent users into a pun frenzy.
Wesley Warren Jr.

The story of Wesley Warren Jr., a Las Vegas man who had surgery to correct his oversized scrotum, is more tragic than it is funny -- but Twitter users haven't been able to resist cracking a few jokes about the man's plight.

On Monday, TLC aired a documentary about Warren's struggle,The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum, which looks at his day-to-day life with scrotal lymphedema, a condition that at one point caused his scrotum to grow three pounds per month. He has since had surgery to remove the mass.

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Twitter users quickly took notice, and a flurry of testicle jokes commenced. Find some of the most memorable below. And for more on Warren, read our primer on his story.