Marcia Clark Addresses Christopher Darden Relationship on 'Ellen'

Marcia Clark on Ellen - H 2016
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Marcia Clark has reluctantly found herself back in the spotlight, and this time it's not because of her hair — it's because of relationship rumors. 

Clark, the former Los Angeles County prosecutor on the O.J. Simpson murder case in the '90s, has been thrown back into the public eye this year because of FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

The most recent episodes have centered on Clark (played by Sarah Paulson) and her brutal portrayal in the press during the case, forcing Clark to relive a part of her past when every piece of her life was dissected, from her hairstyle to her parenting skills. 

In a clip from Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Clark explains to DeGeneres that she was terrified to see her life play out onscreen when she first heard about the project. 

When DeGeneres asks what Clark thought when she heard her story would become a TV show, Clark answers, "No! Oh, please don't do this!" She adds that she "didn't want to relive the nightmare of it" but was partly relieved when Ryan Murphy became involved and was even more comfortable with it when she heard Paulson would play her. 

"You were treated so badly," DeGeneres tells her, "and I don't think they would ever treat a man the way they were treating you." After reading tweets of support for Clark from viewers, DeGeneres also asks about the rumored relationship between Clark and fellow prosecutor Christopher Darden (played by Sterling K. Brown), which is hinted at in recent episodes of the FX series. 

"You and Chris Darden — it seemed like y'all had a relationship," DeGeneres prompts. "I don't know if it ever went anywhere, but it seemed like you had. He was in love with you. I mean, I don't know how you felt about him, but he seemed to be in love with you." 

Clark neatly sidesteps the question. "It didn’t seem that way to me." 

DeGeneres, however, is not deterred: "Did y'all make out?" Clark never confirms or denies DeGeneres' guess. 

Watch the video below.