Marge Simpson Responds to Trump Attorney's Jab at Kamala Harris

The Simpsons Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson
Fox Network/Photofest

Marge Simpson has something she would like to say.

On Friday morning, the Twitter account for the long-running Fox cartoon, The Simpsons, shared a video of the character responding to a recent comment from President Trump's attorney Jenna Ellis, who smirked days ago, in her opinion, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris sounds like Marge, voiced by Julie Kavner.

The comment was met with instant backlash, a throng of fans of both Harris and The Simpsons character pointing out all of their virtues thereby turning the dig into a compliment. 

Marge spoke for herself. 

"I don't usually get into politics, but the president's senior adviser Jenna Ellis said  Kamala Harris sounds like me," Marge starts. "Lisa says she doesn't mean it as a compliment. If that's so, as an ordinary suburban housewife, I am starting to feel a little disrespected. I teach my children not to name-call, Jenna." As an aside, Marge adds, "I would going to say 'pissed off,' but I'm afraid they'd bleep it." 

The "ordinary suburban housewife" was a reference to Trump's repeated attempts to appeal to female voters ahead of the general election. 

Watch the video below.