Margot Robbie Reveals Why Tonya Harding Was the Perfect Golden Globes Date

Margot Robbie shared why ice skater Tonya Harding was a perfect date for the Golden Globes while appearing Monday night on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

“Oh my God, she was so fun to have there,” Robbie said of Harding, whom she portrays in the biopic I,Tonya. “I mean, Tonya anyway is like very unapologetic about who she is and that’s kinda liberating sometimes, especially if you’re at a fancy event. She just was not afraid to go up to anyone and say, 'hi' and get a picture.”

Robbie also recalled the comical moment Harding was ready to ask Meryl Streep for a photograph. “She was like, ‘Oh there’s Meryl. I’m gonna go say hi.’ I was like, ‘No, sit down. Sit down!'"

Though the ceremony was filled with an array of Hollywood stars, Robbie explained that Harding comically failed to recognize some in attendance. “That was even more hilarious. Like at one point she is like, ‘Oh that’s the lovely lady that helped me in the photo line at the beginning.’… And I’m like, ‘That’s Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone is the lovely lady.’ She had no idea who she was!”

Though Robbie spent a great deal of time ice skating to portray Harding, she blurted out that she doesn't know why people think their fingers will get sliced off if they fall down. “Why does everything think that?” Robbie asked, with Corden comically explaining, “I think it’s the mix of fingers and very sharp blades. I think it’s those two together that make that happen.”

“Maybe I’m an optimist. That had never occurred to me until Sebastian [Stan] said it one day on set and I was like, ‘Well now that’s in my head," Robbie joked.