Watch Mark Ruffalo Zap Away Acne in an '80s Clearasil Commercial

Jimmy Fallon resurfaced the actor's early work on Thursday's 'Tonight Show' episode.
Mark Ruffalo

Even Mark Ruffalo had acne.

Or at least he pretended he did in a commercial from the early days of his career. Back in 1989, the Spotlight actor starred in a Clearasil ad, which he only "vaguely" remembered when Jimmy Fallon mentioned it on Thursday's Tonight Show episode.

Ruffalo smolders and smiles in the street-set ad for the company's face-cleansing pads. He still remembers what the director told him right after his home run audition: "It just seemed like you came right off the street, like you don't know how to act at all."

Fallon said resurfaced the ad because his children barely watch his films. "They said, 'We don't want to see you playing anyone else's father and we don't want to see you playing anyone else's husband,' " Ruffalo recalled his kids telling him.

Watch the video below.