Mark Wahlberg Hijacks 'Wahlburgers' Season 2 Promos (Video)

Ah, brotherly love. The family Wahlberg — Donnie, Mark, Paul and mother Alma — are front in center in the first round of promos for their A&E reality show's August return, and just because the siblings are in their 40s does not stop them from horsing around.

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The commercials, apparently improvised by the Wahlbergs without any producer intervention, include Mark ripping Paul's pocket from his shirt and the two actors getting physical with their chef brother. Alma, who apparently suffers no fools, goes MIA for most of the spots.

Wahlburgers has been something of a breakout for A&E, the No. 2 reality show on the cable network this year behind Duck Dynasty. The series focuses on Paul's growing Boston burger empire that takes its name from his famous family. Season two premieres in August.

And for now, the above video offers a very good glimpse into what life was like in the Wahlberg family during the early 1980s.