Marriage Ruling: Stephen Colbert Dissects Justice Scalia's Dissent, Invites Him on 'Late Show'

Stephen Colbert Gay Marriage Ruling - H - 2015

Stephen Colbert couldn't help but fire off a Colbert Report-esque mini-monologue on the heels of Friday's landmark Supreme Court ruling. 

In a web clip riffing on the victory for marriage equality advocates, the soon-to-be Late Show host took a cheerful tack to familiar culture war turf explored on his Comedy Central show. 

"It's hard to believe that gay Americans achieved full Constitutional personhood just five years after corporations did," Colbert joked, referencing the 2010 Citizens United case.

Colbert also had a few words for the justices, particularly the words of Antonin Scalia, who wrote a dissent in the 5-4 ruling. The late-night host also offhandedly quipped of Scalia: "Please come on my show sir." 

If Scalia wanted to take up Colbert on the apparent offer, he wouldn't have to wait long. The Late Show premieres on Sept. 8.