Martha Stewart Tackles Daughter's Criticisms From New Tell-All Book: I'm Still Perfection (Video)

In her new tell-all book, Whateverland: Learning To Live Here, Alexis Stewart writes about growing up with her domestic diva of a mother, Martha Stewart. On Tuesday’s The Martha Stewart Show on the Hallmark Channel, the host laughed off some of the less attractive accounts of her in the book.

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“Well there’s a real buzz in the air, can you hear it? I think so,” Stewart says. “The studio is buzzing, my blackberry is buzzing. I get a little ‘ping ping’ like every five minutes. The internet is buzzing and it’s all because of my daughter Alexis. She’s at it again.”

She acknowledges that she got an advance copy and read the book, but says she didn’t expect it nor did she know much about it until then.

Stewart then moved on to addressing the points in the book which may not have shown her in the best of light with a combination of her own answers and some provided by her daughter.

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On never having anything cooked in the house, just ingredients: “Yes, if you wanted to eat when she was growing up, you had to cook something," Martha says. "That was the whole idea. She is a superb cook.”

On her mom’s constant push for perfection: Alexis clarifies, “I definitely prefer to have a mother who is good at things than the alternative.”

On Alexis writing, “Halloween was also a grim affair: There were no costumes. There was no anything. We turned off all the lights and pretended we weren't home.”: Alexis explains, “Oh ok. I left out the years when my mother made me costumes on the sewing machine. Or let me wear all of my grandmother’s fabulous costume jewelry when I was very young and was a gypsy for Halloween. It was kind of fun pretending no one was home. No one else did that or would admit that they did it. And I still do it til’ this day.”

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Stewart ends the segment by giving herself a pat on the back. “I must have instilled in her some good habits,” she laughs.

“She’s tall, beautiful, gorgeous and mother of baby Jude and that’s all that counts,” she continues. “The book is out late October wherever books are sold. I encourage you to buy it, read and make it a best seller.”

Watch the segment above.

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