'The Masked Singer': A Star Who Collaborated With Panelist Ken Jeong Was Under the Tree Mask

The Masked Singer - Publicity Still - H 2019
Michael Becker / FOX

It was down to the final six singers on The Masked Singer’s second season on Fox on Tuesday night, and after they all sang, one more secret celebrity had to take off their mask and reveal their identity. Former winner T-Pain joined panelists Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy to guess who is left under the masks. This time, the anonymous singers gave hints having to do with the panelists.

First up was the Fox, who made a reference to "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz in his new clue package. He continued to make references to superheroes. He also said "unchained," perhaps playing on the panel’s previous guesses that it could be Jamie Foxx, who starred in Django Unchained. In fact, the Fox sang Foxx’s own song "Blame It," which also features T-Pain on the original. "I have spent one of the best weekends of my life with one of you," the Fox said to the panel after his performance. The panel went with Foxx again, but Thicke also wondered if it could be Wayne Brady. T-Pain guessed Kravitz.

The Leopard was back, and his clue video featured tennis, tofu and a check for $20 million. There was also a reference to a motorcycle crash. He sang "We Are Young" by Fun, and after he sang, he hinted: "I was presenting an award on an awards show that included one of you, and I was wearing a custom leather outfit, darling." McCarthy guessed that it could be Eric Benet, and Thicke guessed Seal. Jeong guessed Enrique Iglesias.

The Thingamajig’s clue package featured an acoustic guitar, his crush on Scherzinger, a bomber jacket and a car windshield. He sang "Ordinary People" by John Legend. "I’ve collaborated with the same artists as one of you," he said after the performance. Thicke stuck with his guess of Montell Jordan, and other guesses included Legend himself. But it seems most likely that he’s an athlete.

The Flamingo followed, saying she had "California Dreams" as a little girl and also making references to Clueless and A Different World. She sang Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way," and her clue was, "I shared some couch time with one of you in 2013." Jeong guessed it was Hilary Duff, and McCarthy admitted it was a good guess, but she went with Adrienne Bailon, which the panel has been guessing since the beginning and seems likely. Thicke thought it was Fantasia Barrino.

"I miss the collaboration; I miss my friends," the Tree hinted in her clue package. There were also references to cheerleading and soup. She sang “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. "I have shared a stage and a standing O with one of you," she hinted. Jeong guessed Bebe Neuwirth, while Thicke and T-Pain wondered if it could be Rachael Ray. T-Pain also guessed Mariah Carey.

The Rottweiler said he’s doing his best "to be a Zen dog." There were multiple references to meditation as well as a baby and a pool. He also appeared holding an acoustic guitar. He sang "Someone You Loved" and hinted that he has been on a list with one of the panelists. Thicke guessed Darren Criss again. Jeong guessed Bow Wow, and the panel also guessed Jared Leto.

After the audience and panel voted, the Tree lost and had to unmask. The panel threw in the guess that it was Amy Sedaris, but McCarthy disagreed and thought it was Ana Gasteyer. The Tree removed her mask, revealing herself to indeed be Gasteyer. McCarthy was the only one who got it right.

The contestants still in the competition will sing in Wednesday night’s semifinals.