'The Masked Singer': Who Was the Second Celebrity Eliminated?

The Masked Singer-Publicity Still-H 2019
Michael Becker / FOX

[This story contains spoilers from episode two of Fox's The Masked Singer.]

The Masked Singer returned to Fox on Wednesday, introducing the second half of contestants for the singing competition series. The remaining six celebrities of the 12 the season started with went head-to-head with performances, dressed in head-to-toe costumes disguising their true identities. As last week proved, it could be anyone under the mask, including professional athletes.

Celebrity panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger judge the performances but also take guesses as to who might be under the mask, alongside host Nick Cannon, who also doesn’t know the singers’ true identities. Contestants are only revealed if they are eliminated, and last week’s eliminated contestant turned out to be NFL player Antonio Brown.

Episode two's outrageous costumes included Rabbit, Alien, Pineapple, Raven, Poodle and Bee. At the end of the night, another identity was revealed.

Rabbit vs. Alien went down first. In the clip package, Rabbit said, “I’ve spent most of my life onstage, but I was never alone,” and also noted that he has worn a mask before. “Now, I pop up here and I pop up there,” he added. He gave a very dark performance of “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin.

Thicke praised Rabbit’s ability to make such a famous song his own. “You obviously have a sense of humor,” Thicke said, adding that he thinks he has a lot of experience onstage. Thicke and McCarthy posited that he belongs to a boy band. Scherzinger guessed Criss Angel, and Jeong guessed Jake Gyllenhaal and joked that he seemed like an “annoying method actor.” Thicke guessed Joey Fatone. McCarthy asked if Rabbit had been in a band, and he confirmed that he had.

Alien followed, saying in her clip package that she grew up in the public eye. “In my family, anonymity is a completely alien concept,” she said. She sang “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man and had an airy, high voice and limited dance moves. McCarthy wondered if she was someone who left a girl group like Spice Girls. The panelists then started wondering if she was a model, and Thicke guessed Bella Hadid. “I have many sisters,” Alien hinted, and Jeong wondered if she was Kourtney Kardashian. Rabbit won the faceoff, and Alien landed in the bottom three.

Next up was Raven vs. Pineapple. “All my life, I’ve listened to other people’s stories, so now it’s my opportunity to share mine,” Raven said. “Recently, I suffered a tragic loss, so doing this show gives me the opportunity to honor my beloved,” she added. “Don’t cry, baby, this one’s for you.” She sang “Rainbow” by Kesha and had a powerful voice. Jeong said it was a very sincere performance. McCarthy asked if she has ever hosted any type of talk show, and Raven said yes. McCarthy guessed Sherri Shepherd, and Jeong guessed Star Jones.

Pineapple followed and said that he beat a life-threatening disease in his clip package. He said he became a pineapple because “like me, they’re fun, tropical, and go well with ham.” “This pineapple definitely smokes weed,” McCarthy said after the reel. He sang “I Will Survive” and definitely was not a professional singer, but it was a laid-back and fun performance.

Jeong compared Pineapple to Matthew McCaughnahey, but Scherzinger guessed Adam Sandler. McCarthy was convinced that he was a stoner and guessed comedian Tommy Chong. The panel and studio audience voted for Raven to advance and for Pineapple to be on the chopping block.

The final matchup of the night was Poodle vs. Bee. “Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to be onstage and in character,” Poodle said, also adding that she comes from a musical family even though she’s famous for something else. Her reel also showed a rainbow, leading some of the panelists to guess that she’s part of the LGBT community. The clip package also noted that she’s from the Bay Area.

Poodle sang “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar and proved to be a seasoned performer. The panelists got very into the song. “Everything clicked,” Jeong said, adding that she had great stage presence. McCarthy guessed RuPaul as well as Ali Wong. “I’m here for your honor,” Poodle said as her final clue, leading Jeong to joke that it was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“In my long career, I’ve flown to soaring heights,” Bee said. “You can call me Queen Bee, but Empress also suits me.” She sang “Chandelier” by Sia and had a really lovely voice, able to hit the impressive notes in the hit song. McCarthy said she was getting goosebumps from the singing. “Your pitch was perfect, and your vibrato was perfect,” Thicke said. Scherzinger added that Bee seemed like a seasoned, classically trained singer. Thicke guessed Diana Ross, and McCarthy guessed Lil Kim. Scherzinger asked what decade they started singing in, and Bee replied with the 1950s, leading Scherzinger to guess Dionne Warwick.

Bee won the faceoff, leading Poodle to duke it out in the bottom three with Alien and Pineapple.

After the vote, Pineapple was eliminated. The panelists' final guesses were Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Chong, Jimmy Buffett and Kid Rock. McCarthy ended up being right — Pineapple took off his mask to reveal that he was Tommy Chong.

The Masked Singer continues next week on Fox.