'The Masked Singer': Who Was the Fifth Star Eliminated?

THE MASKED SINGER- Mix and Masks_Unicorn - Publicity - H 2019
Michael Becker/FOX

The Masked Singer continued Wednesday on Fox, and yet another disguised singer was unmasked following last week’s big reveal that Margaret Cho, celebrity panelist Ken Jeong’s co-star on Dr. Ken, was under the Poodle mask. Joining Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger were on hand to give performance feedback but mostly to guess who could be behind the masks. Nick Cannon hosted the evening of performances, which included four solos that actually counted for the competition and one group performance of “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons by all four masked singers. This week, the singers were asked to bring an object that could be a clue for their identity.

The Rabbit went first. His new set of clues hinted that he does disappearing acts like a magician. “Showing off my range is part of my master plan,” the Rabbit said of the fact that he has been singing multiple genres. “I’m about to bust out all the old-school moves,” he said. “I just hope I don’t pass out.”

After having previously sung Latin pop and country, the Rabbit sang R&B this time. He sang “Poison” and showed off yet another side of his voice. He showed off moves, too, not letting his full-body costume get in the way of elaborate choreography. Scherzinger said he was her favorite performer of the whole show. McCarthy said his moves looks boy band-ish and familiar. The Rabbit brought out a magician kit as his clue object, and he said it was another way that he likes to impress an audience. Jeong wondered if it could be McCarthy’s husband Donnie Wahlberg. Someone also guessed Zac Brown.

The Unicorn was up next, dropping hints that she is crafty and could be a gymnast, alluding to cartwheels. Beverly Hills also came up again. “When I first floated onto this stage ... I was terrified,” she said. Jeong wondered if it could be Kristin Cavallari after the clue package. 

She sang “I Love It” by Icona Pop and didn’t really show off much vocal ability, but it was a high-energy performance that the panelists got very into. Jeong and Scherzinger praised her ability to overcome low self-esteem. The Unicorn brought out a typewriter as her clue object. “This typewriter has created lots of magic,” she said. McCarthy thought it was Lauren Conrad. Jeong guessed Tori Spelling, and Scherzinger guessed Denise Richards again.

“I spent my entire life under a microscope, poked and prodded,” the Alien said ahead of her performance. “I’m finally getting some peace and quiet, and I love it.” She said she craved the simple life, and she also said the words “It’s hot,” leading the panelists to wonder if it could be Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie’s name was also thrown out.

The Alien sang “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. During the performance, McCarthy thought it was Richie or Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of Rod Stewart. The panelists said they were thrown off because she seemed to be a better singer this week. Her revealing item was a police badge, and the Alien said that she has sworn to protect and serve. “I have no idea what this is,” Jeong said. “I don’t know anything.” The badge was from Indiana, so Thicke wondered if it could be La Toya Jackson. Scherzinger seemed to agree that it was a Jackson. Someone also named Paula Abdul.

The Lion closed out the performances. She said that being on stage is her destiny and that she wants to be a model of courage. “They say there’s no place like home, and I feel at home on the page,” she said. “Tick tock, the twister is coming.” She also seemed offended that Scherzinger had said she didn’t sound like a professional singer. Scherzinger and McCarthy thought she stood like a dancer.

She sang “California Dreamin’” by Sia and showed off a strong lower register. After a few seconds, Scherzinger relented, “She’s a singer.” The Lion came to impress with her voice, and she did just that. Scherzinger said she recognized her vibrato. Thicke still thought it was Michelle Williams. Her clue item was a hair scrunchie. “It’s a family heirloom,” the Lion said. Someone guessed Mel B of Spice Girls.

The masked singers were brought back to the stage for the big reveal. After the studio audience and celebrity panelists voted, the singer with the least votes was the the Unicorn.

The final guesses from the panel were Lauren Conrad, Denise Richards, Tori Spelling and Gabby Douglas. 

She took her mask off and revealed herself to be Tori Spelling, which was Jeong's guess, so he redeemed himself from last week. "This is the only time I've ever done anything right in my life," he said.