'The Masked Singer': Who Was the Fourth Star Eliminated?

Fox's The Masked Singer continued on Wednesday night, with five disguised celebrities facing off in elaborate performances. Celebrity panelists Joel McHale, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke continued to try to figure out who could be behind the masks, and the eliminated contestant revealed themselves at episode's end. Nick Cannon served as host and made some guesses of his own.

The Rabbit sang first, and in his clue package, he said that he "knocked it out of the amusement park" during his first performance. "I found safety in a group, but sometimes not getting to be yourself can leave you boxed in," he said. He also hinted that he could be a chef.

He sang "Wake Me Up" by Avicii and once again proved to have a solid voice. He let a little bit of a country twang come through this time. "You're so fully in it," Scherzinger said, praising his voice as well as his performance abilities. McCarthy thought it could be someone from Lady Antebellum or Rascal Flatts, and Scherzinger and Thicke guessed that it could be Joey Fatone or JC Chasez. Scherzinger tried to ask if the Rabbit had ever gone on tour with her group, and the Rabbit gave an ambiguous answer.

"It hurt to hear some of the comments from the panel," the Alien said about her first performance on the show. "You may think I'm out of fashion, but I'm here to rise above all that." She said that she would push herself to the limit this time, and her clip package featured lots of children's toys.

The Alien sang "Lovefool" by The Cardigans, and McCarthy wondered if it could be Kate Moss early on in the performance. Thicke said he didn't think she has a trained voice. Scherzinger said her tone was really sweet. The Alien helped with an additional clue, telling the panelists that she's a quadruple-threat. Scherzinger wondered if it could be a member of Fifth Harmony, and McCarthy wondered if it could be a Kardashian. Thicke asked if she sings professionally at all, and Alien replied: "I've recorded many things." Thicke guessed Paris Hilton, but McCarthy strongly disagreed.

The Raven was up next, and in her clue package she said she confronted the loss of her beloved with her last performance. "I was once the loneliest bird among all others," she said. "And no one recognized my beauty." The year 1968 and the Hudson River were also featured in the video.

She sang "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and put on another fun show. "I don't think that you're a professional singer, but when you sing I believe it," Scherzinger said, commending the Raven on being free onstage. McHale guessed it was Kelly Ripa. McCarthy seemed very certain that it was Sherri Shepherd, but Jeong said he starred with Shepherd in a movie, and when they asked the Raven if she had worked with Jeong, she answered in the negative.

The next masked singer to step into the spotlight was the Poodle. "I have to be flawless to do this role of the Poodle justice," she said in her clue package. She implied that she could be a comedian. "Tonight in my new persona, I'll be soaring to new heights, despite it being my biggest fear."

She sang "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper and had a breathy voice. Scherzinger wondered if the song choice could be a clue. "It doesn't sound like you're a professional singer," Scherzinger said but added that she liked her tone. McCarthy guessed Kellyanne Conway as well as Jillian Michaels. The Poodle's final clue was, "I have been fired multiple times." This led McCarthy to guess it was Kathy Griffin, and McHale guessed Omarosa Manigault Newman.

The Bee closed out the performances. "I'm singing the music of today," she said in her clip package, adding that she isn't up on what's current. There were peaches and honey in her video, and she hinted that she has a recognizable voice.

She sang "Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars, and it was the best sung performance of the evening. "She's got the pipes," Jeong said. Thicke and McCarthy said they recognized her vibrato. "I thought it was a beautiful performance," Scherzinger said. McCarthy and Thicke guessed Gladys Knight, and Scherzinger guessed Dionne Warwick or Patti LaBelle. "Take me to court," the Bee said. Jeong got very excited and wondered if it could be a member of the Supremes.

Then it was time for the big reveal. After the panelists and studio audience voted, the Poodle was the losing artist. Thicke's final guess was Judge Judy, and Scherzinger and McHale said Jillian Michaels. McCarthy went with Kathy Griffin. Jeong wondered if it could be Melissa Rivers.

The Poodle took off her mask and revealed herself to be comedian and actor Margaret Cho. "Ken, I thought you would know," Cho said. "You are the reason I'm a comedian," Jeong told her. Cho played Jeong's sister on his ABC series Dr. Ken.