'The Masked Singer': Who Was The Sixth Star Eliminated?

THE MASKED SINGER- Raven Still 2 - Publicity - H 2019
Michael Becker/FOX

The Masked Singer continued on Fox Wednesday night, with one of the contestants revealing themselves after being eliminated by the panel and studio audience vote. Celebrity panelists Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger returned alongside host Nick Cannon. The Bee, Peacock, Raven and Monster competed this week. Artists brought out items as clues again tonight.

Jeong was riding high after correctly guessing Tori Spelling last week, so the pressure was on to get it right again. The group of singers competing this week all performed “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.

After the group performance, the Bee was up first. She hinted that she has been performing since the 50s and that her mother influenced her career.

The Bee sang “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, and Thicke immediately guessed that it was Gladys Knight. Scherzinger agreed that it was an experienced performer based on the way that she held the microphone. The Bee revealed that this was her second favorite thing to do. Jeong guessed that it could be Anita Baker under the mask, while Scherzinger guessed Chaka Khan. The Bee brought out baking tools as her clue item.

Next up, the Peacock hinted that he is very lonely and feels invisible. He sang “All Of Me” by John Legend, and Jeong guessed early on that it could be Sean Cassidy. McCarthy suggested Donny Osmond. Scherzinger still thought that the Peacock could be a professional magician due to his performance qualities, but Thicke guessed Neil Patrick Harris. Scherzinger went with Wayne Brady. He brought a wig as his clue item and said that he went to jail because of the wig.

The Raven was next, who said that she has had a “bird’s eye view” during her career. She said that she has made a career of talking to people.

The Raven sang “Brave,” and she was definitely not a professional singer. Scherzinger reiterated her lack of professional experience, but Jeong thought she sang with heart. Scherzinger agreed that she was powerful despite having the technical skills. McCarthy took back her guess that it was Sherri Shepherd. The Raven brought out her clue item, which was an Emmy. Scherzinger guessed that it was Sheryl Underwood, while Thicke guessed that it was Ricki Lake. Jeong guessed Carnie Wilson, and Thicke also threw out Star Jones.

Closing out the performances, the Monster was up next. He said that even though he has had dark days, he’s a fighter, suggesting that he might be an athlete of some sort.

He sang “American Woman,” and he proved to have vocal and performance skills. Jeong guessed that it was David Allen Grier, while Thicke guessed Tommy Davidson as well as Lil Rel. McCarthy thought it was an athlete. The clue item that the Monster brought out was a headset, leading McCarthy to believe that it could be a sportscaster.

After the vote, the artist in last place was the Raven. The panelists then made their final guesses. Jeong went with Sheryl Underwood, while Scherzinger threw out Meghan McCain’s name. Thick guessed Ricki Lake, and Scherzinger agreed but also suggested it could be Raven Symone.

The Raven unmasked and revealed herself to be Ricki Lake, meaning that Thicke was correct. The Masked Singer continues next week on Fox.