'The Masked Singer': Who Was the Latest Eliminated Celebrity?

The Masked Singer - The Elephant - Publicity - H 2020

'The Masked Singer' helped Fox gain viewers in 2019-20.

Fox's The Masked Singer season three continued on Wednesday, introducing six new secret celebrities as part of Group B. Frog, Elephant, Kitty, Taco, Mouse and Banana will face off in this group, and the top three will eventually have to go up against the final three of Group A. Celebrity panelists Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy gave their first guesses for Group B on the episode.

The Frog kicked things off, and his first clue package featured newspapers with the headline “Tadpole Plucked From Large Creek,” a paper bag labeled “Leftovers” and a poster for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Several clues indicated he could be an athlete. He sang “U Can’t Touch This.” McCarthy guessed it was Michael Johnson because of a reference to “lightning bolt” in his clue package. Jeong guessed Carl Lewis, but Scherzinger thought it was a performer rather than an athlete. She guessed Ray J.

Next up, the Elephant’s clue package featured an art supplies store, a drum set, a bicycle and ice cream. “I went from canvassing park benches to leading a mass movement,” he said, also making references to “white houses.” He sang “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure, and McCarthy guessed it was Lance Armstrong. Scherzinger guessed Travis Barker and Tommy Lee, and Jeong guessed it was former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

“I feel at home among the weird and the wonderful,” the Kitty said next. She hinted at wishing to reinvent herself, and her package featured pirates, milk and a shattered rose, which Scherzinger thought could be a reference to The Bachelorette. She sang “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande, and the panel thought she had to have singing experience or at least a performance career. Scherzinger guessed Julianne Hough and Paris Hilton, which made Jeong think it could be Nicole Richie.

When the Taco came out, McCarthy immediately observed that he “dances like an older guy.” “I’ve been a comforting part of your lives for decades,” he said in his clue package, which included a trolley, leading the panelists to think of San Francisco. He sang “Fly Me to the Moon,” and the panel was once again impressed by his singing voice. Scherzinger guessed Regis Philbin, while Jeong said he thought it was Martin Short. Thicke guessed Bob Saget, so they were all in agreement that it was a veteran performer.

After a brief interlude promoting the upcoming heavyweight professional boxing rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, the performances continued with the Mouse. “Just like a mouse, I’m small and cute,” she said in her clue package, which featured football players, a play board with “Bang Bang Formation” written on it and gold pom-poms. She sang “Get Here” by Oleta Adams, and Scherzinger was convinced it was Darlene Love. Thicke guessed Dionne Warwick, but Jeong thought it could be Maya Rudolph, which is unlikely based on the voice alone.

The Banana closed things out with a clue package that had a cowboy hat, a school bus, a blue collar and references to hangovers in it. He sang “A Little Less Conversation,” and he seemed to be a comedic performer of some sort. He mentioned that he has a kid when talking to host Nick Cannon after the performance. McCarthy guessed it was Bill Engvall, while Scherzinger thought it was Ed Helms, who co-starred in The Hangover with Jeong. Thicke thought it was Darius Rucker because of a reference to Hootie & The Blowfish in the clue package.

After the vote, the Elephant had to unmask. McCarthy and Jeong stuck with their original guesses, while Scherzinger threw out Steve Aoki as a possibility. In the end, it turned out to be professional skater Tony Hawk.

Group B continues its eliminations next week.