'The Masked Singer': Who Was the Skeleton?

THE MASKED SINGER: The Skeleton - Publicity - H 2019
Michael Becker/FOX

Fox's The Masked Singer aired Wednesday night with six returning secret celebrities competing to stay on the show. One contestant had to unmask at the end of the episode, and everyone provided a new slew of clues for who it could be. Panelists Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger offered up their best guesses.

The Flamingo was up first. “Being here has been so dope,” she said in her new clue package. “It reminds me of when I first started out and went from hoodrat to Hollywood triple-threat.” A boombox, tires and an old Los Angeles road sign were featured in the video, and she made reference to a “wizard” who brought her to the top. She sang “Footloose,” and mid-performance, Scherzinger guessed Fantasia. Other panel guesses included Ally Brooke, Adrienne Balon and Kandi Burress. Flamingo teased that when she was a kid, she wanted to be a doctor. Bailon was the strongest guess.

The Leopard was back up after having to sing for his life in the Smackdown during his first episode. “I wasn’t born a winner,” he teased. “After being passed from pack to pack, I found I can use my talent as my escape.” He also made reference to living in color and flipping the script. The Leopard sang “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes, and the panel was again impressed by his attention to performance. They guessed once again that it could be Billy Porter, but new guesses included RuPaul and Neil Patrick Harris. “I once served fast food,” he gave as his last clue. 

The Black Widow offered up new clues, including that she has had “an amazing career that has taken on all different shapes.” “All you know for sure about me is my voice and my badonkadonk,” she asserted. The Black Widow sang “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood and had a gritty, impressive voice. Thicke guessed Raven Symone, Scherzinger suggested Christina Aguilera and Jeong offered up Tayana Ali. They seemed to be on the right track by guessing former child actors. “I never went to prom, but I pretended to,” the Black Widow said, suggesting that she played a high schooler on television.

“My life has been pretty great, but sometimes it feels like joint custody and I’m the deadbeat dad that only gets the kids on the weekend,” the Skeleton hinted, making references to being overshadowed and never being able to be in the spotlight until now. He sang “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and did not seem to have singing experience, but he put on an entertaining show and is likely a stage performer of some type. The panel guessed that it could be Teller from Penn & Teller, Martin Short or Paul Shaffer. “I was once inducted into the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame,” the Skeleton gave as his last clue.

The Thingamajig returned and noted that singing was his first love. “Don’t run with the bulls,” he said in the clue package. “Real magic comes from within.” The Thingamajig sang “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves, noting that he wanted to show that he is warm and fuzzy on the inside, and he actually moved the panelists to tears. They guessed that he was LeBron James, Dwight Howard or Montell Jordan. Victor Oladipo could also be under the mask. However, the final hint that he gave was that he has been in rehab.

The last singer of the night was the Butterfly, who hinted at spending time in isolation before coming to the show. London was referenced in her clues again. “At the height of my career, I had everyone saying my name,” she said. She referenced breakups, breakdowns and hibernation. She sang “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and she shared that during rehearsals there were some technical difficulties. The final performance went well, though, and the panelists guessed that she could be Fantasia, Mel B, Twiggy or Leona Lewis.

After the panel and audience voted, the Skeleton was in the bottom and had to unmask. It turned out to be Paul Shaffer after all, so the panel was correct.