'The Masked Singer': Who Was the Taco?

Taco The Masked Singer Publicity - H 2020
Michael Becker/FOX.

Fox's The Masked Singer season three continued with Group B on Wednesday night. The Banana, Kitty, Taco and Frog sang in front of celebrity panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and returning former contestant T-Pain.

They were competing for a spot in the top nine, which will have three members from each of the three groups competing in this season. One of the secret singers in Group B was voted off and unmasked at the end of Wednesday’s episode. This time, the clue packages featured clues from people in the singers’ lives, and the contestants also gave friendship bracelets to a panelist that provided further hints.

The Kitty went first, and her new clue package featured Rapunzel imagery and mentions of her best friend, who said "she didn’t have a ton of friends and got bullied at school for being weird, but for me, that’s always made her special." She went on to sing "Mama’s Broken Heart" by Miranda Lambert.

The Kitty  presented her friendship bracelet to Thicke, and it read "fireworks." She added that the first time they met "it was lit." T-Pain guessed that it was Christina Ricci, based on a reference to ghosts in the clue video, while Jeong thought it was Kristen Bell. McCarthy guessed Haylie Duff.

The Taco was up next, featuring a famous friend of his in his clue package. A menu appeared with the letters "ME" highlighted. "We have something extremely personal in common, which is that we both help people when they get knocked down," he said, hiding behind a seafood tower. "We both love our children," the friend added. The Taco sang "Can’t Help Myself" and gave a friendship bracelet to Scherzinger that read "kiss." This led to speculation it could be Gene Simmons. Scherzinger also guessed Barry Manilow, and Thicke guessed Howie Mandel. McCarthy threw Jerry Springer into the mix.

Following last week when he forgot some of his lyrics, the Banana returned with a new clue package featuring two women from his life. It was insinuated that they were his children, and they shared that he taught them to drive by building them a go-kart track in their backyard. "He’s had a lot of heartburn," they said, adding that he has always been able to have a laugh even in low times. The Banana sang "Lean on Me" and shared that he dedicated it to his father, who died recently. His friendship bracelet went to McCarthy, and it said "nineties love." Brad Paisley, Michael Andretti and Johnny Knoxville were the guesses for the Banana, and Jeong also stuck to his wild guess of Larry the Cable Guy.

The Frog closed things out, and his clue package featured a woman from his life, most likely his mother. "I knew immediately that he’d be a superstar," he said. "I looked out for him when he was in L.A.; even then, he had an entourage." It was heavily implied that he was a child star, and the clue package featured a bow tie and shampoo. He sang "You Dropped a Bomb on Me," and he gave a friendship bracelet to guest panelist T-Pain, reading "All We Do Is Win," which prompted them to guess Ludacris. That didn’t really fit in with the other clues, but Jeong seemed more on track with the guess of Tommy Davidson. Thicke guessed it was Omarion, and T-Pain agreed.

After the vote, the Taco had to unmask. The panelists gave their final guesses. Scherzinger went with Manilow; Jeong and Thicke went with Martin Short; T-Pain guessed Kelsey Grammer; and McCarthy went with Springer. He finally unmasked and revealed himself to be Tom Bergeron.